Director Announced For Elon Musk’s Movie

A24, the esteemed independent entertainment company, has secured the rights for an upcoming film about Elon Musk, the tech titan and SpaceX founder, as confirmed by Variety. The visionary director who will helm the biopic is Darren Aronofsky.

The foundation of the screenplay will be the authorized biography of Musk, penned by Walter Isaacson, which hit the shelves in September. Isaacson, a renowned biographer, is no stranger to having his works adapted for the big screen. His book on Steve Jobs was the basis for the eponymous 2015 Universal film, which featured Michael Fassbender as the Apple juggernaut.

Variety’s sources revealed that the rights to the book sparked a fierce bidding war among various studios and filmmakers. A24 ultimately emerged victorious, securing the opportunity for Aronofsky to bring this tale to life. The director, recognized for his unique, often mind-bending, cinematic style, recently directed the Oscar-nominated “The Whale,” starring Brendan Fraser. His impressive filmography includes acclaimed titles like “Requiem for a Dream” (2000), “Black Swan” (2010), and “Mother!” (2017). His directorial prowess on “Black Swan” earned him an Oscar nomination, while Natalie Portman bagged the Best Actress award for the film.

Musk’s journey to tech supremacy began with establishing SpaceX, a trailblazing spacecraft manufacturing company, in 2002. He also played a pivotal role in Tesla’s growth trajectory, ascending from an early investor to chairman, product architect, and CEO. However, he stepped down as chairman in 2018 following a lawsuit from the SEC.

His most recent headline-making decision was the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, which he has since rebranded as X. Despite criticism for several changes made to the platform, including layoffs and charging users for verification, Musk remains undeterred. As of October, he is hailed as the world’s wealthiest individual, with his net worth estimated to exceed $200 billion by both Bloomberg and Forbes.

Musk publicly endorsed the news of the biopic on X, his newly acquired platform. Reacting to a post by X News Daily, he expressed his approval of Aronofsky’s involvement as a highly accomplished director and has Musk’s complete support in the project.