Did The Donald Trump Impeachment Hearings Backfire On Democrats?

(PatrioticPost.com) – The saying goes that no news is bad news, but that may not hold true for Democrats in the upcoming General Election.

Democrats made repeated headlines during their impeachment inquiry and then impeachment proceedings with President Donald Trump at the end of last year and into the beginning of this year. And while the House of Representatives was successful in impeaching Trump — even if the effort to remove him from office ultimately failed in the Senate — Trump’s approval rating and that of most Republicans since then have increased.

On the show “Spicer and Co.” Tuesday night, Matthew Continetti, the founding editor of the Washington Free Beacon, expanded on this:

“I think it’s good news in the sense that it’s another example of impeachment backlash. Not only did impeachment benefit the president’s approval rating, it clearly seems to have improved the approval rating of Republicans in Congress. That can only be a good thing in the months ahead.”

In response, Sean Spicer, the anchor on the show, asked Continetti whether the rise in the approval rating was because the Republicans were the minority party in the House of Representatives. But the last time the Republicans had higher approval ratings than Democrats was back in 2005, when they held a majority in the House.

Mitt Romney is the only member of the Republican Party who has an approval rating that’s higher with Democrats than with Republicans, according to a Gallup poll, but that probably won’t bode well for his eventual and potential re-election campaign in his home state of Utah, which is highly conservative. Remember that Romney was also the only senator to cross the aisle and vote to convict Trump on one of the two articles of impeachment brought against him.

Continetti commented:

“It’s probably not good for [Romney] in terms of the internal politics in Utah. Of course, he has another four years left in his term, so there’s plenty of time for him to recovery. It proves one thing about Washington: If you want to be loved, go after Donald Trump. That’s all it takes in this town now.”

According to Gallup’s most recent poll, 40% of those polled approved of the performance of Republicans in Congress, while only 35% approved of that of Democrats in Congress. Gallup also made note that the overall Republican approval rating jumped 6% since October 2019, which was before the whole impeachment fiasco began.

If this drop in approval rating for the Democrats — and the subsequent rise in approval rating for the Republicans — ends up dramatically affecting the outcome of the General Election this November, then the Democrats may have another person to blame other than whoever wins the nomination. That person would be none other than Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who was the leader of the impeachment process and is the constant champion of all things against Trump and the Republicans.