Did Ron Paul Have A STROKE During This Live Interview? Former Presidential Candidate Has Been Hospitalized

(JustPatriots.com)- Former Republican presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul appeared to suffer some kind of medical emergency during a live-streamed interview on Friday. Paul’s voice changed as he was talking, before his words began slurring and he eventually stopped making sense entirely.

Video shows Paul discussing the free market before becoming visibly unwell, with another participant in the call asking if he was alright.

Fox News congressional reporter Chad Pergram reported that Paul has been hospitalized for “precautionary” reasons, suggesting that he may not be in immediate danger. The video of the interview, however, seems to indicate something seriously wrong.

Paul received an outpouring of support from conservatives and libertarians on Twitter, with people praying for his quick recovery.

During her afternoon show on Fox News Harris Faulker said that Paul is now “lucid and optimistic” in the hospital.

Paul posted a photograph of himself in hospital on his Twitter account with the message, “I am doing fine. Thank you for your concern.”

Ron Paul is now 85 years old, but has not bowed out of politics completely. Also an obstetrician, Paul ran for president three times and regularly comments on modern politics. A legend in libertarian political circles, he maintains a huge following and still contributes to right-wing political dialogue.

Paul first ran for president in 1988, but it was 20 years later in 2008 when he became particularly popular. The libertarian Republican candidate became one of the most popular candidates in online communities, with people turning videos of him into memes much in the same way they did with President Donald Trump.

His popularity during the race even resulted in a crowdfunded project that saw a Ron Paul blimp flying over cities during the 2008 primaries.