Dick Morris Says Censorship Against Trump Proven To Be Illegal

(JustPatriots.com)- New information in the “Twitter files” revealed that the censorship against former President Donald Trump was illegal, according to Newsmax’s Dick Morris. Twitter reportedly altered its terms and conditions to justify banning Trump after the event on January 6.

On January 6, 2021, a day that will go on to live in infamy, Trump sent a message to his followers to go home and refrain from violence. He also urged that people remain peaceful and support the Capitol police who are just doing their jobs. After his account was reinstated by Elon Musk, his previous tweets remain.

Despite the calls for peace, Twitter banned the sitting president just two days after the riot. Musk recently released files that showed that the decision to ban the president was what journalist Michael Shellenberger called “internal and external pressure.”

Twitter “create[d] justifications to ban Trump … [sought] a change of policy for Trump alone, distinct from other political leaders” and “…express[ed] no concern for the free speech or democracy implications of a ban,” Schellenberger reported, adding that part of the pressure came from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

He reportedly said that the decision was based on how the tweet was received and interpreted. But Twitter once maintained that it did not seek to determine whether or not an interpretation was grounds for permanent suspension. Twitter, therefore, violated its own mode of conduct when it applied that interpretative standard to Trump’s January 6 tweets.

The files documenting Twitter’s internal dialogue demonstrate that the company was operating against Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which every Twitter user must accept when they use the platform. It states that no tech company may “discriminate based on party or ideology.”

Now, however, Musk is beginning to suspend journalists for violating Twitter policies against doxing, which, in a twist of irony, has led CNN to come out against “censorship.”