Dick Morris Says Biden Is Making Voters Want Trump

(JustPatriots.com)- Joe Biden is doing such a bad job in the White House in only his first year that American voters are wanting Donald Trump to return as president.

Those were the words of radio host Dick Morris, who said over the weekend on “The Cats Roundtable” that voters think Trump doesn’t look all that bad compared to Biden now. The president’s approval ratings have sunk in recent months because of how poorly he’s handled the COVID-19 pandemic and the pullout of American troops from Afghanistan.

On August 30, Biden dipped into the threshold of disapproval for the first time during his presidency, according to mean-aggregate polling compiled by FiveThirtyEight. This means that more people in the country disapprove of the job Biden’s doing than approve.

As Morris, who hosts the “Dick Morris: Democracy” show on Newsmax, said:

“Biden is falling because … his senility, his weakness, his inability to lead strongly, are in sharp contrast to President Trump’s record and his persona. Voters who disliked Trump … are now [comparing] Trump’s negatives with Biden’s negatives, and they don’t appear so bad after all.

“When you look at Afghanistan … COVID, the Haitians … the border, we could use a little more of Donald Trump’s … leadership. Biden’s weakness is framing Trump’s personality, and people are coming back saying it wasn’t so bad [under Trump].”

There have been a lot of controversies to arise under the Biden administration, which has only been in the White House for a little more than eight months.

The president promised strong vaccination rates when the COVID-19 vaccines became available, but that simply didn’t happen. He promised to handle Afghanistan and foreign relations well, but that hasn’t happened, either.

Instead, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a nightmare, and now the Taliban has taken over the country. In addition, the crisis at the southern border isn’t just continuing, it seems to be getting worse by the day.

Throughout his candidacy in 2020, Biden promised that if he were elected, he would work to restore bipartisanship in Washington and work together with both parties to accomplish great things for Americans. So far, though, the exact opposite has happened.

Biden has instead worked with Democratic leadership in Congress to push through extremely pricey spending measures that will not only sink the country in trillions of dollars of debt, but has already caused inflation to spike.

Many Americans are now questioning whether they simply would have been better off with Trump returning to the White House, rather than the change they voted for.

It adds to the momentum that Trump is gaining, even though he hasn’t officially announced his intentions for another run for the White House in 2024.

As Morris explained of the situation:

“American presidents are a little bit like British prime ministers, who have to survive a vote of confidence in Parliament. [In America] as the president’s ratings drop, their power drops.

“Democrat [officials] stop being intimidated into following [Biden]. They begin to think for themselves. Even Democratic congressmen are showing some guts.”