Diane Feinstein Inaccurately Claims Barrett Will Vote To Remove Healthcare For Millions Of Americans

(JustPatriot.com)- Left-wing Senator Dianne Feinstein inaccurately claimed on Tuesday that Judge Amy Coney Barrett would “vote to strip millions of Americans of their healthcare” if confirmed by the Senate.

Feinstein Tweeted the claim, saying how in a 2015 interview, Judge Barrett said she disagreed with the Supreme Court’s second decision to uphold the Obama-era Affordable Care Act.

“Let’s be clear: if confirmed, she will vote to strip millions of Americans of their health care,” she suggested.

The truth, however, is not quite so cut and dry. Barrett has repeatedly refused to give her personal opinion major political issues, including ObamaCare. During the Senate hearings, Feinstein pushed Barrett to give an answer but she refused. As a Supreme Court Justice, it would not be Barret’s duty to rule based on personal political opinion but on what the founding fathers intended when writing the United States Constitution.

Barrett even said during the hearings that she is “not hostile” to the Affordable Care Act.

The case that is slated to come before the Supreme Court in November, which many Democrats are pointing to as a chance for Barrett to vote against removing protections for people with pre-existing conditions, doesn’t even directly involve that. Instead, the case will relate to the individual mandate.

Feinstein’s attempt at painting Judge Barrett as an uncaring conservative who does not want people to have access to health care is not unique. Democrats have repeatedly used this line against Barrett in the hope that public opinion will move against President Donald Trump.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden even claimed that Barrett is hostile to ObamaCare, claiming that “she said she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.”

However, no Democrat – including Biden and Feinstein – have provided any evidence whatsoever that this is true.

What seems much more likely at this stage is that Barrett, if confirmed, will rule on cases according to her originalist view of the Constitution.