DHS Inspector General Declined to Investigate Whipping Accusation

After some Twitter dope started the false rumor that Border Patrol agents on horseback were using whips on Haitian illegals, both DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and President Biden vowed that an investigation into the matter was imminent.

While testifying before Congress in mid-September, Mayorkas assured them the investigation would conclude in “a matter of days, not weeks.”

President Biden, blundering into the faux scandal, said during a press event on September 24, that those non-existent whip-wielding agents would “pay” for what they did.

Well, the “matter of days” became weeks. And the weeks extended beyond a month. And there still has been no conclusion in this investigation.

According to a statement from DHS on Tuesday, the US Customs and Border Protection was handling the investigation because the DHS Office of the Inspector General declined to investigate that phony scandal.

And why didn’t the IG’s office want to investigate? Because the inspector general didn’t consider the incident to be serious.

Ya think?

That’s because it was an internet lie.

Since the IG won’t take the phony internet rumor seriously, investigators within the CPB Office of Professional Responsibility are looking into it. Thus far, they haven’t reached a conclusion.

What a joke.

For all their pearl-clutching over “misinformation” on social media, the Biden administration fell for “misinformation” on social media.

They didn’t just fall for it, they unleashed an investigation while prejudging the agents guilty. Administration officials from Mayorkas to Kamala Harris to Joe Biden himself got taken in by a Twitter user’s false claim.

Mayorkas breathlessly declared how “horrified” he was by the so-called “whipping” images. But later, the idiot admitted that he was reacting to images he hadn’t even seen.

This is what happens when an administration is far too focused on social media.

Once the investigation from Customs and Border Protection concludes, Border Patrol management will then determine what discipline, if any, is appropriate for an incident that didn’t even happen.

In September, press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that the Border Patrol’s horse patrol unit had been pulled out of service at the border. However, this isn’t the case. According to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, the agents assigned to the equestrian unit in the Del Rio region are “still operating despite the alleged ban Biden officials imposed.”