DHS Has A Top Secret Spy Operation Hosted By Amazon To Spy On Citizens

(JustPatriots.com)- According to a shocking report by the British Daily Mail newspaper, naturalized Americans risk having their citizenship revoked because of a computer that automatically searches for worrying activity. The report describes how a computer system used by the Department of Homeland Security, known as “ATLAS,” is operated on Amazon-owned services and is designed to automate the obtaining of data about immigrants in the United States.

The system performs automatic screening and vetting of all immigration requests into the country, and has implications for people who are already living in the United States as permanent residents or citizens.

It’s not news that this system exists, but the extent of the system has only recently been revealed. The Mail says that the Department of Homeland Security is coming under fire as more details are released about how naturalized citizens could be potentially denaturalized.

The ATLAS system monitors social media accounts, and checks fingerprints against national databases and some organizations have argued that it is open to abuse.

Many argue that such a system is necessary to ensure that the United States only admits safe immigrants into the country, but what about the fact that Amazon – perhaps the most concerning Big Tech company of them all – operates these databases?

Does Amazon have any influence over the ATLAS system? Could it generate unfair results that target people based on things like political beliefs?

These days, it doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea, given how people who express conservative beliefs on social media so regularly lose their jobs.

The Department of Homeland Security refused to explain to the Daily Mail how ATLAS works or what rules are used to determine whether a citizen should be flagged or have their citizenship revoked, and it’s unclear when and if that information will ever be available.

If you’re a legal immigrant in America…you might want to watch what you say on social media.