DeSantis Promises To Remove Teachers Who Support Racist Propaganda From Schools

( Over the weekend, popular Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, vowed to turn the entire political apparatus against any Republican candidates for school board who oppose his plans to remove Critical Race Theory from the school systems.

Speaking to Dan Bongino on his brand new Fox News show, DeSantis said that the Florida Republican Party won’t support any GOP candidate who opposed his education reforms, whether on principle or over fear that they may lose the race.

He also vowed not to support a single candidate across Florida’s 67 counties who support maintaining the mask mandate in schools. At present, many schools across Florida still require students to wear masks, with school boards ignoring the advice and orders from Governor DeSantis who has said that schools must return to normal.

The comments come as the State Board of Education is set to convene on June 10 to vote on a proposal that would stop teachers from pushing Critical Race Theory in schools, or sharing and promoting any kind of left-wing theory that redefines the origins of the United States. The proposal will specifically stop schools from teaching that America is anything other than the “creation of a new nation based largely on universal principles” as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

The proposal will also ban teachers from indoctrinating students or sharing their personal opinions on political or historical issues.

During his Fox News interview, Bongino said that his Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran would meet with the Board of Education to discuss the issue.

DeSantis is one of the most staunchly pro-America governors in the country not just when it comes to lifting mask mandates and COVID restrictions but also on stopping the spread of radical left-wing ideas in our nation’s schools.