Derek Chauvin Waves Right To Testify

( Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer at the center of the George Floyd trial, has reportedly waived his right to testify to the jury at his trial, where he stands accused of murdering a Black American he was arresting at the time.

It’s one of the most contentious lawsuits in modern history, and one cast in the shadow of extreme violence and unrest caused by left-wing activists and Democrats who want to see Chauvin sent down for life – no matter what the evidence says about Floyd’s death.

Chauvin’s defense attorneys also said to Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill that no more witnesses would be called after two days of testimony. Prosecutors are expected to call at least one witness to rebut claims by Chauvin’s defense that Floyd died as a result of a fentanyl overdose and that Chauvin acted according to his training.

Chauvin’s lawyers also called on an expert who explained that the use of force against Chauvin – which included immobilizing Floyd by grappling him and holding him to the ground – was appropriate in the circumstances. The Minneapolis police chief, however, has argued that the force was not appropriate.

When asked whether Chauvin planned to testify or invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege, the former police officer responded, “I will invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege today.”

The decision means that Chauvin won’t face questions in the court from the prosecution or defense – something that the far-left media outlets would have enjoyed far too much.

It comes after conversations with his lawyer, Chauvin confirmed on Thursday. Chauvin insisted in the court that the decision to invoke the Fifth Amendment was his decision and not his lawyer’s, explaining that he had a “lengthy meeting” on the issue on Wednesday discussing the best plan of action.

To this day, Chauvin has still not publicly discussed the arrest and death of George Floyd, waiting instead for the court to see the evidence and determine whether or not he is guilty.

Despite the fact that the trial is still ongoing, several major media outlets, including international outlets like the BBC, have referred to the case as a “murder.”

But until the case comes to an end, nobody really knows exactly what happened that day. That’s for the jury to decide.

…and if the jury decides that the evidence shows it was not a murder, then American business owners may have reason to fear a repeat of 2020’s costly and dangerous riots that saw entire business districts in major American cities burned down.