Dems Try to Add Biden as a Write-in in NH

A report shows President Biden’s supporters in New Hampshire started a ballot write-in drive on Monday to avoid electoral humiliation in the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

One week after Biden rejected to enter his name in the New Hampshire primary, prominent Democrats started a grassroots organizing effort. The group’s organizers announced in an email that over 100 grassroots leaders and volunteers from throughout New Hampshire are starting ‘Write-In Biden,’ a statewide initiative.

The write-in campaign began when Biden proposed a 2024 nominating calendar that replaced New Hampshire with South Carolina. Biden finished sixth in the New Hampshire presidential primary in 2020.

New Hampshire is on track to surpass South Carolina by pushing up its 2024 presidential primary due to a state rule that requires it to be conducted seven days earlier. This puts the state out of accordance with the DNC, which caused Biden to not submit for the ballot last week.

Polls show that Biden faces growing worries among Democrats due to his age, even though the 80-year-old is the leader for re-nomination. Many Americans, including Democrats, oppose the president pursuing a second term.

An October 29 PRRI Research/Ipsos poll indicated that in crucial swing states, prior president Donald Trump was ahead of President Joe Biden.

In a hypothetical two-man national election, the study revealed that Biden would slightly lead Trump by four percentage points, 48% to 46%. Six percent selected neither candidate. In swing states like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump leads Biden by a significant margin of six points, with 49% to 43%.

A report shows more problems for Biden this week, as The House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) revealed that in 2017, Joe Biden received $40,000 in laundered money from CEFC China Energy Co. from the bank accounts of the President’s brother, James Biden, and his wife Sara Biden, in the form of a personal check labeled as a “loan repayment.”

This is not the first time it has come to light that Joe Biden took a questionable personal check through his brother James, who was engaged in the family’s international business dealings. Joe Biden has often denied that he had anything to do with the family businesses.