Dems Block COVID Relief Package, BLM Terrorizes Republican Senator’s Home In Response

( Democrats refused to support the next round of coronavirus relief in Congress this week, which means American workers won’t get financial relief during the worst economic depression in a century. As a result, far-left Black Lives Matter extremists chose to terrorize Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

On Thursday night, BLM activists turned up to McConnell’s home demanding money from the coronavirus relief bill that was killed by the Democrats.

The crowd outside of McConnel’s home shouted, “If we don’t get $600, No peace. I said if we don’t get $600, no peace!”

The protesters were referencing the $600 in additional unemployment benefits that would have been made available to Americans in the relief bill should the Democrats have allowed it to pass. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her far-left colleagues, however, refused to stop making demands for irrelevant policy issues that they wanted to shoehorn into the legislation in an attempt at passing wildly unpopular policies.

Republicans repeatedly requested that the Democrats stop attempting to pass legislation not relevant to COVID-19 relief, but they refused. It looks like the next round of coronavirus relief, therefore, may be delayed until after the November election.

Unhinged activists outside of McConnell’s home didn’t seem to understand that Republicans had been attempting to get the relief bill passed for months.

“I can’t breathe!” they screamed. “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!”

Others shouted, “I need that money, and until I get that money, I’m going to be right here on C Street every day until I get it!”

This isn’t the first time that extremists have harassed McConnell outside of his home, either. In August 2019, far-left activists gathered outside of his Kentucky home, and footage of the incident was hidden by Twitter. Before it was pulled, the video showed protesters mocking the senator for his recent shoulder injury and suggested they were using a voodoo doll to hurt him.

What else do you expect from people like this?