Dems Are Beginning to Realize BLM Riots Could Cause “Swing State Damage”

( On Thursday, the New York Times and Politico both reported how ongoing violence in Wisconsin is having a noticeable effect on the way people plan on voting in November…and that Democrats are beginning to fear the impact of left-wing violence on their struggling campaign.

It looks like Democrats are finally realizing that voters don’t want violent riots and fire in the streets. It’s amazing it took them this long.

Politico noted that as Wisconsin, a battleground state, “grapples with social unrest, some Democrats fear that the looting and rioting and clashes are feeding Trump’s argument that this is what life would be like under the so-called radical left.”

Not so “so-called” though, are they? What are these rioters if not radical left? Surely Politico isn’t suggesting they are moderates…are they?

“The worry is that especially among suburban swing voters, the more upheaval and violence they witness, the more their sympathy for peaceful Black Lives Matters protesters will wane,” the outlet continued.

The New York Times also describes how Wisconsin is likely to see this effect play out pretty seriously. Residents there are witnessing extreme violence, and given it is being committed in the name of left-wing causes, it’s hard for residents to see this as a failing of President Donald Trump.

“The political calculated warnings of President Trump and the Republican Party about chaos enveloping America should Democrats win in November are reverberating among some people in Kenosha, a small city in the southeast corner of one of the most critical states in this election, where protests have raged for a number of increasingly combustible nights,” the Times reported.

It’s amazing that the violence has gotten so bad that even the New York Times is being forced to admit that maybe, maybe, the woke lefties are going too far.

President Donald Trump won Kenosha County in 2016 by fewer than 250 votes, the outlet notes. And, reports suggest that people who voted for him last time in the region are more committed to voting for him again than they were before the riots.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is now trying to blame the riots on President Trump. Somehow. The former Vice President reminded people in a statement that this is all happening in “Donald Trump’s America”…but he failed to acknowledge the fact that these rioters will be turning out to vote for Biden in November, and not Trump.