Democrats Worried That Joe Biden’s Failures Could Cost Them Midterms

( Democrats are reportedly starting to worry that President Joe Biden’s poor performance in his first year in the White house will have a disastrous impact on their party’s chances in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

President Biden’s approval ratings have steadily declined since he entered the White House, and the loss of 13 American troops and 130 Afghans in a suicide attack outside Kabul airport on Thursday could be the nail in the coffin of the Democrats’ chances of maintaining the House and Senate next year.

According to two new surveys that were released this week, two days before the terror attack that cemented much of the opposition to Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, the president’s handling of the withdrawal has resulted in his job approval rating dropping significantly. A poll by Suffolk University and USA Today showed that Biden’s job approval rating now sits at just 41%, and his disapproval rating has reached 55%.

That is catastrophic, particularly when you consider that Biden’s approval was said to be in the low 50s just 10 days before.

The data shows that Democrats are sticking by the President so far, with some 87% of Democrat voters supporting him, but the numbers among Independents are disastrous. Only 32% of Independent voters say that they support the job Biden is doing right now.

How can he recover from this?

Another survey, this time from the University of New Hampshire, found that Biden had just a 44% approval rating and a disapproval rating of 54%. Last month, according to the same survey, those numbers were 50% – 49%.

Things are not looking good for Joe Biden, and it’s no surprise Democrasts are worrying.

According to Fox News, a strategist told the outlet that Democrats “need to stop thinking about winning in the 2022 elections” and instead should be thinking about the “best type of legislation that they can pass to serve the American people.”

Translation: “Democrats need to pass whatever legislation they can now before they lose control of Congress.”