Democrats To Pay Teens Not To Commit Crimes

( New York City’s backwards Democrat-run city authorities have come up with a new way to tackle crime that doesn’t involve the police – paying would-be criminals.

The Washington Times reported on Monday that the city is planning on paying young people who are at risk of becoming criminals to get a driver’s license or a high school-equivalent diploma.

The money will come from a $1 million “crime prevention” program that was announced in July, which pairs at-risk young people with mentors who will help steer them away from committing violent crimes and gun crimes. Mentees will be given stipends to help them achieve things that will assist with a future career, but law enforcement groups all over the country have questioned the plan.


Betsy Brantner Smith, a spokeswoman for the National Police Association, told the Times that providing a financial incentive to stop people from committing fun crimes is “fanciful” and “unscientific” and does not solve the very specific problem facing so many American cities.

She added that instead of punishing and stigmatizing bad behavior, the new program effectively rewards neutral behavior. Simply deciding not to commit a gun crime, or saying that you won’t, will win you money – and then you’re free to go and commit that crime later if you want.

Brantner Smith said that the program will likely be “rife with fraud.”

Didn’t the Democrats who dreamed up this crazy plan think that this might happen?

The exact details of the program are yet to be announced, meaning we don’t actually know how much individuals are going to be paid to not commit crime. The New York City Mayor’s office said that they are still working on “rolling out the next steps,” so it might be a little while before we know an exact number.

But, is any amount of money enough to stop criminals from doing bad things?