Democrats Think Biden’s Elderly Condition Is Too Risky

( President Joe Biden’s declining mental health is beginning to be a source of concern for voters, including Democrats who have long denied the president’s capacity to even finish a sentence.

At the end of his first term, Biden will be an octogenarian, at 82 years old. While Democrats are bracing for a disastrous defeat this November, the media is raising “existential questions” about their commander-in-chief who can’t seem to undergo meetings without a cue card telling him when to sit down. Seriously. Biden was recently photographed with a list of instructions on when to take his seat and open his mouth last week during a meeting with energy executives and governors.

Earlier this month, CNN anchor Don Lemon (yes, he’s till on TV) interviewed Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, asking her whether or not the president has the capability and stamina to run for reelection. “That’s not even a question we should be asking,” she rebutted, laughing and dismissing the concern for the president’s constant stumbling.

Even before his tumble off of his bike, far left squad member Sandy Cortez laughed awkwardly when asked whether or not she would endorse the president for a second term, saying that she’d “take a look at it” when the time came.

A majority of voters polled believe that the president is unfit as a result of his mental decline, according to Breitbart. Over half of respondents said that they had doubts about Biden’s mental ability, while 62% said that he is too old to be president.

While a host of publications have already expressed their concern over another Biden run in 2024, Politico was reportedly the latest outlet to do so, offering up potential candidates like Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

Are these the best choices they could come up with?

The president reportedly told former President Barack Obama that he feels obligated to run because he believes he is the only one who could defeat Donald Trump a second time. This belief is hardly supported by facts as multiple polls not only have Republicans leading Democrats for the midterms, but that show Trump ahead of Biden in a hypothetical presidential run.