Democrats Order “Kill Switch” Placed In All U.S. Cars That They Can Access At Any Time

( New legislation that was just quietly signed by President Joe Biden would give the United States government access to every new vehicle built after 2026, giving the government a “kill switch.”

Because that’s not going to end badly…

Under one section of Bill S. 1331, which focuses on safety standards and aims to prevent drunk people from driving cars, legislators required that new “impaired driving technology” be installed in new cars to “passively monitor the performance of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”

While it’s unclear exactly how this technology would work, the legislation would require drivers to somehow make their blood alcohol level available to the car. If their blood alcohol level is above the legal limit, then the kill switch in the car would “prevent or limit motor vehicle operation.”

Just think about this…

If the government can stop a car from functioning if you are over the legal limit, what is to prevent them from stopping your car from functioning if you are on the way to a Republican protest?

The government could just redefine the protest as an “insurrection” and use that as a justification to block people on their watch list from driving.

The bill, which you can read here, would leave open the kill switch to have a “backdoor.” That means that the police and other law enforcement agencies would be able to access it.

In just four years time, if this legislation is not overturned, then law enforcement could ultimately decide whether you are able to travel or not.