Democrats Begin Horrible Smear Campaign Against Judge Amy Coney Barrett

( As soon as President Donald Trump announced that Judge Amy Coney Barrett would be his nomination to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court, the Democrats stepped up their vile hate and smear campaign against her.

After the world watched as Judge Barrett arrived at the White House with her large Catholic family, including her two adopted children from Haiti, Democrats and left-wing activists online began pushing conspiracy theories and anti-Catholic venom.

The Trump War Room account on Twitter noted that it took less than five minutes for Nicole Wallace of MSNBC to attack Barrett for her Catholic beliefs. Wallace attacked Barrett for her association with a Catholic group known as “People of Praise,” suggesting that it is problematic for the next Supreme Court Justice to be a member of a group that says husbands should be the heads of their households.

So-called “anti-racism” professor Ibram X. Kendi even used Barrett’s black children as a stick to beat her with, suggesting that she was just like white colonizers who “adopted” black children only to civilize the “savages.”

Can you believe that?

In another tweet, Kendi said that he is “challenging the idea that White parents of kids of color are inherently ‘not racist.’”

What kind of racist adopts poor children from Haiti?

Senator Mazie Hirono also questioned Barrett’s ability to do her job, again because of her Catholicism.

The Democratic senator asked whether she would be able to put aside her “closely-held views” as a judge to do her job. Would she ask that about a potential Muslim judge?

Senator Keff Merkley even suggested that Barrett presented a risk to the health of Americans, arguing that she and other conservative judges will “take away millions’ right & health care in the middle of a pandemic.”

Where’s the proof for that?

Right on cue, the attack dogs are out. Last time, they accused Brett Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist. This time, they’re saying Amy Coney Barrett is a character from the Handmaid’s Tale.