Democrat Politician Only Showed Up To Office 19 Days In 6 Months

( According to an exclusive report from Fox News Digital, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the current Democrat candidate for governor, only turned up for work at her state office 19 days in the last six months.

To enter the Arizona state Capitol Building, an employee must swipe his or her security badge at the entrance.

Fox News obtained the documents through a public records request showing that between April 1 and October 14, Secretary of State Hobbs swiped her security badge on only 19 different days.

On October 13, Hobbs told local radio host Barry Markson that she continues to be “actively involved” with her office despite running for governor.

Hobbs told Markson that her days begin before 8:00 am and end “well after five.” She said in addition to campaigning for governor, she is “still secretary of state and actively involved with my office.”

However, Fox News found that during the week of that interview, Katie Hobbs hadn’t visited her office a single time.

The records also revealed that some of her absences lasted weeks at a time. In April, Katie Hobbs didn’t enter the Capitol building for nearly a month. Likewise, she was away from her office for nearly all of August.

A spokesperson for Hobbs told Fox News that she and “many of the dedicated staff” in the Secretary of State’s office have been working remotely since the pandemic. The spokesperson claimed that the badge-swipe records were “not reflective of the amount of time she dedicates to the office,” adding Hobbs “is committed to her responsibilities as Secretary of State.”


The day before Fox’s story, it was reported that the Arizona Secretary of State’s office had to correct a voter registration error that resulted in as many as 6,000 voters getting incorrect ballots. Maybe if Katie Hobbs showed up at the office more often, that kind of mistake wouldn’t happen.