Democrat Party Issues Response To Trump’s Candidacy

( Donald Trump’s revelation that he will run for president in 2024 has prompted a statement from the Democratic Party. They predict he will lose.

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, commenting on Trump’s campaign, “Donald Trump was a failure as president; that’s why he lost in 2020, and it’s why he will lose again.”

Harrison predicted that other Republicans would likely try to block Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination. The Democratic Party, he assured us, would “be ready for them all.”

With candidates vying to be the most radical MAGA Republican in the race, Harrison continued, “Today is only the beginning of what will be a contentious Republican primary.”

The statement reads that Democrats stand prepared to remind Americans what Trump brought America: the worst jobs record since the Great Depression, rigged the economy for the super-rich with massive tax giveaways to corporations, the right-wing Supreme Court that overturned Roe and paved the way for extreme Republicans across the country to criminalize abortion, a diminished standing in the world, and complete chaos that culminated in inciting a mob to attack the Capitol to try to overturn an election result.

Trump formally declared his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination in Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday.

The “Make America Great Again” leader will make his third attempt to win the presidency after losing to President Joe Biden in 2020 but beating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“To restore America’s greatness and glory, tonight, I’m formally launching my bid for the presidency of the United States,” Trump declared at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

“But just as I promised in 2016, I am your voice. I am your voice,” he proclaimed.

He said that the elite in Washington wants to silence the right, but “we won’t let them.”

Trump said he’s running because he thinks this country has potential but has not yet been fully realized.

“Believe it or not, we have not yet achieved that summit,” Trump stated.

President Biden is anticipated to be the Democratic nominee, placing Trump and Biden in a rematch in 2020 when both candidates will break their respective records for the most votes ever cast.