Democrat Leader Says There Aren’t Enough Young Liberals

( Claire McCaskill, a former Democratic senator from Missouri, said that her party is having trouble with advanced aging as November’s midterm elections approach.
McCaskill spoke her piece on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday when she was part of a panel.

McCaskill said she thinks the Democratic Party is struggling with a real problem. All of their leadership—and she said this as an older person—is made up of a lot of old people. She said that it’s true in every part of the Democratic Party.

McCaskill also talked about the election in 2024 and how important it is for more young Americans to be in charge of the Democrats.

She said she thinks the Democratic Party would do well to think about how to get more young people into the spotlight because young people will be critical to us in 2024.

McCaskill’s comments come after CBS News released a Thursday poll showing that 73% of people surveyed agree that elected officials should have age limits. 18% agreed that the age limit should be 80, while 40% agreed that the age limit should be 70.

President Joe Biden will be the oldest to be re-elected if he wins another term in 2024. He is 79 years old right now. Since he took office, there have also been more and more worries about his mental health.

In a letter sent in July, 53 GOP lawmakers, led by former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, asked Biden to take a cognitive test and share the results with the public.

Both parties in the Senate are worried about how old their leaders are. Seven senators are at least 80 years old, with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) being the oldest at 89, followed by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Richard Shelby (R-AL), who are both 88.

Ten members of the House of Representatives in the 117th Congress were at least 80 years old. Nine of the ten people who were 80 years old were Democrats.

McCaskill also said that Biden was often looked down upon when he was Barack Obama’s vice president.

“I clearly remember being in the Cloak Room during Joe Biden’s first two years as vice president and seeing how many of my colleagues looked down on him. Mocking him,” McCaskill said.

People forget that there was a time when Biden was highly regarded as one of the dumbest guys on Capitol Hill. That is mainly being corroborated as his presidency is failing.