Democrat Lawmaker Is Running Scared, Leaked Memo Suggests

( According to a new document from U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan’s campaign, the Democrat from New Hampshire is concerned about Republican candidate Don Bolduc’s quick rise to popularity and his likelihood to win in November.

The document from September 29 referred to Bolduc’s campaign as the “leaked Hassan strategy memo.”

Aaron Jacobs, the Hassan campaign manager, is believed to have issued the memo.

Jacobs contrasted Bolduc to Scott Brown, a Senate candidate for New Hampshire in 2014, noting that Brown lost by only a 1.5 percent margin despite polls showing him to be 20 points down in pre-election approval ratings.

According to Jacobs, Don Bolduc is currently in a better position than Brown. “In what is an exceedingly difficult national situation for our party, it will take tremendous effort again to prevent a Republican from regaining this seat in a politically volatile and swingy state like New Hampshire.”

Jeanne Shaheen, a seasoned New Hampshire politician, narrowly prevailed over Brown.

Jacobs bemoans the Republican Party’s financial backing for Bolduc on a national level, stating that in the first few weeks of September, Republican groups outspent Democrats by $2 million.

While many Democrats do not take Don Bolduc seriously, national Republicans are spending tens of millions of dollars on his behalf, according to Jacobs. “In many ways, our campaign is dealing with the worst of both worlds.”

Jacobs also cautioned against placing too much stock in poll results because, in his opinion, they are frequently “sugar-coated” for Democratic candidates and have a left-leaning bias.

“You should be wary of any public polls that show Senator Hassan ahead of the margin of error in this race. According to our own internal polling, Don Bolduc is rapidly strengthening the Republican base and gaining momentum on Senator Hassan.”

New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan and New Hampshire Republican Rep. Jeanne Shaheen are the first two women elected as both a governor and a U.S. senator in the United States.

Bolduc’s campaign says, “Her weak and desperate attempts to shift the topic from her awful record in the Senate aren’t working.”