Democrat Jared Golden Says He’s ‘Ok’ With Trump Being Elected

If ex-President Donald Trump were to beat current President Joe Biden in a rematch, Democrat representative Jared Golden said he would be OK with it.

The moderate Maine congressman claimed in an opinion piece published on July 2nd that other Democrats were worrying too much about a Trump victory and that democracy’s fate was not at risk in November, implying that Trump would win the election and that democracy would be fine regardless.

According to Golden, he is indifferent concerning the election and is unwilling to take part in a campaign to terrorize people with the notion that Trump would destroy our democratic system, in contrast to other Democrats who are freaking out and thinking about Biden’s replacement after last week’s dismal debate performance.

According to Golden, Biden’s dismal showing in the debate was expected. Even though he had no intention of voting for Donald Trump, he had known for a while that he would win the election, and it wasn’t terrifying him to the same extent as other people.

He went on to say that worrying about a Trump win is a waste of time because it disregards how strong our democracy is. As citizens of the most powerful democracy in human history,  Americans will not stand for the erosion of our fundamental liberties guaranteed by The Constitution.

Golden lauded moderate Senator Joe Manchin for rejecting Biden’s Build Back Better measure and emphasized his record of doing the same. He also said that people should enjoy Independence Day regardless of the political fantasies and fear tactics of the talking class.

While other Democrats who have voiced their disapproval of the president have avoided implying that they are OK with the possibility of a second term for Trump, Golden is not alone among them in claiming that Biden is doomed to lose after his debate performance.

Representative Lloyd Doggett (TX) was the first Democrat in Congress to openly demand that Joe Biden get out of the race after his debate performance on July 2nd.

In some states, he is behind even the Democrat senators. President Biden has been far behind far behind Donald Trump in most polls. The president did not adequately defend his many achievements. He said a Trump win was too risky, and he encouraged Biden to stand aside.