Democrat Exposed As Propagandist For China

( The National Pulse is reporting that one of the people on the NYPD’s new hate crime review panel, Fred Teng, has served as the President of the America China Public Affairs Institute (ACPAI) – an influence group that is linked to the Communist Chinese government.

The hate crime review panel, which was established in April amid a spike in anti-Asian attacks, is a citizen review panel put in place to help take a look at hate crime investigations in the city.

When the panel was first established, the New York Post quoted Fred Teng and identified him as the President of the America China Public Affairs Institute. So Teng’s association with the CCP-affiliated group was common knowledge at the time of his appointment to the panel.

Teng told the Post at the time that, though the hate crime review panel is only advisory, it can overrule the NYPD and deem something a hate crime that police did not.

Teng, who was born in Shanghai, now lives in New York City. In addition to serving as President of the ACPAI, Teng also served as a visiting professor at Sichuan University and was the senior US representative on the China-United States Exchange Foundation.

As the CEO of China Newsweek, a state-controlled publication based in Beijing, Teng defended China’s use of state-run media in the United States in a 2012 article for the BBC.

In addition to his multiple ties with CCP-linked organizations, Teng has also met privately with Beijing officials including Consul General Luo Linquan.

Teng has frequently appeared on state-run media outlets, including the China Global Television Network, to defend the Chinese Communist regime. After President Xi removed term limits to make himself China’s leader for life, Teng told the CGTVN that the regime is doing “a critically good job right now.” Teng added that to continue the party’s agenda and reform, China needs to have continuity of leadership.

In another interview about Xi’s lifetime rule, Teng argued that most of the Chinese people approve of the idea because they think Xi is doing a good job. Defending Xi, Teng added, “I mean why change someone when they’re doing a good job?”