Democrat Donor Judge Who Allowed FBI Raid Of Trump’s Home Wrote Secret Rants Against Trump

( The judge who most likely approved the warrant ordering the search of former President Donald Trump’s resort at Mar-a-Lago had in the past posted anti-Trump messages on social media and liked articles where ‘white privilege’ is discussed as an evil.

It should be evident that only a judge that partisan, that hack, that angry with Trump derangement syndrome could sign off on that warrant.

But there’s more.

It came to light yesterday that Judge Bruce Reinhart had previously represented workers of convicted pedophiles and sex traffickers for the wealthy Jeffrey Epstein.

In addition, Reinhart provided financial support to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama and contributed to the political campaigns of Donald Trump’s opponents in the 2016 election, including Jeb Bush.

The Bush donation indicates that he has particular hate for Donald Trump.

Facebook postings have just surfaced that demonstrate how Reinhart has been anti-Trump from the very beginning, which is probably not surprising to anyone.

In one of his blog posts, Reinhart gave John Lewis, a former member of Congress and a campaigner for civil rights, high praise by paraphrasing Robert Reich, who had claimed that Donald Trump lacked the “moral stature” to “kiss John Lewis’s feet.”

Reinhart further demonstrated his contempt for Trump by admitting that he attempted to “ignore” the tweets sent out by the then-President-elect at the time.

In another post that Reinhart shared, the judge distributed a viral video that discussed the concept of white privilege. That post originated from an account named “Woke Folks.”

Reinhart’s anti-Trump sentiments lend credence to Trump’s claim that the raid on his property, carried out by “arrogant” FBI agents who even ransacked Melania’s wardrobe, was part of a coordinated political attack and a complete miscarriage of justice.

Reinhart’s anti-Trump sentiments come from a place of genuine concern for the safety of the American people.

If a judge can go after a former President and weaponize his authority, imagine what a judge with the same warped capacity for vengeance would do to you.

It became doubly troublesome when the DOJ turned a blind eye to Hillary Clinton when she had the highest classified materials on an unsecured, illegal home server.

One feels like if you’re in the “wrong party,” you will find yourself up against the wall wearing a blindfold.