Dem Charlie Crist Suddenly Decides It Is Time to ‘Move Past’ the Coronavirus

( It finally dawned on Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Congressman Charlie Crist that if he wants any hope of defeating Governor Ron DeSantis in November, he better change his tune on COVID restrictions.

On Monday, Crist sent out a series of tweets declaring that it is time to “move past” COVID.

Really, Charlie? Ron DeSantis figured that out over a year ago.

Charlie-come-lately explained that the Omicron variant is “fading” and vaccines are “plentiful,” adding that it was time to “turn the page on this crisis for good.”

Then the guy who is changing his tune to improve his prospects in November accused “some of our leaders” of playing “partisan politics.” He said there was “still a lot of work to do” to strengthen Florida’s economy and “help our children make up for the learning loss.”

Crist seems to forget that Florida school children were back at in-person learning long before the rest of the country.

The rest of his Twitter thread was a string of attacks and false claims about Governor Ron DeSantis, so Crist wasn’t doing a particularly good job at hiding why he decided it was time to “move past” COVID.

He concluded in his thread that Ron DeSantis “isn’t up to the job” and accused him of catering to “anti-vaccine and anti-mask conspiracy theorists” instead of “championing live-saving vaccines.”

This is all the Democrats have, isn’t it? Lies and smears.

Governor DeSantis prioritized getting vaccines to the most vulnerable in the state. His only “crime” was not mandating vaccines for Florida citizens.

But like every other Democrat, Crist is conflating being anti-government mandate to being anti-vaccine, and being anti-mask mandate to being anti-mask.

Crist vowed that when he is leading the state, “you’ll be in charge again.”

Again? Ron DeSantis’ position on vaccines and masks was to let the people decide for themselves. Isn’t that letting them “be in charge?”

Crist is such a liar and hack.

Crist is shifting gears on COVID because polling on the Democrats’ handling of the pandemic has been abysmal. It’s the same reason so many Democrat governors have suddenly changed their tune.

It wasn’t the “science” that changed. What changed was public sentiment.