Delaware Group Alleges Voter Fraud in 2020 Election

( Last week a group called Patriots for Delaware presented an update on what they had uncovered thus far in an election audit they are conducting into the 2020 election in Delaware. According to them, in addition to finding evidence that dead people cast ballots last November, the audit has revealed that ballots submitted from some nursing homes outnumbered the total number of residents.

Patriots for Delaware held the presentation last Tuesday at the Milford Senior Center which drew 227 people to hear the committee share its initial findings. Among the crowd were several state Republican lawmakers. The group invited every elected official in the state, as well as officials from the Department of Elections.

The presentation included a slideshow detailing the committee’s findings.

While Patriots for Delaware does not believe the fraud that they allege to have found would have changed the outcome of the presidential election, they do believe it would have affected the outcome in some local races.

James Davidson, who represented the election integrity committee at this presentation, was cautious to point out the need to stay factual about what they can and cannot prove.

Among the discrepancies presented was that of a dead woman whose vote was recorded in her maiden name. Davidson, while not naming the women out of privacy concerns, said that the voter who used this woman’s maiden name also provided the same address and date of birth as the deceased woman.

The group also claims to have found multiple instances in which ballots submitted from nursing homes exceeded the total available beds. In one instance, the group found 296 ballots all listed as coming from the address of one nursing home that only has 94 beds.

Patriots for Delaware would not provide the names of the nursing homes where they found discrepancies. Davidson explained that they did not want people calling them and harassing them.

According to Davidson, the audit team includes forensic auditors with CPA and accounting firms as well as some in the medical field who are experienced in auditing. However, he would not reveal the names of those conducting the audit.

Ideally, Davidson said, he’d like the audit team to work hand-in-hand with the Department of Elections to ensure election integrity. At this juncture, Davidson is unsure how long Patriots for Delaware will need before they complete their election audit.