Dead” Putin Ally Looks To Be Alive

( Undeterred by reports that hundreds of Russian sailors were missing after the Russian guided-missile cruiser Moskva was sunk, the Kremlin quickly released a video of purported survivors, poo-pooing accounts of mass casualties.
The footage even showed the Moskva captain, who was said to have gone down with the ship.
The video apparently shows the Russian naval head meeting with the Moskva survivors in Sevastopol, even though hundreds of sailors are still missing. Adm. Nikolai Yevmenov, 60, was addressing navy commanders and seamen in the conference seen on film.
In the video, the Yevmenov says that the crew of the Moskva ship are all at the main base in Sevastopol. He said all the navy officers, midshipmen, and staff would continue to serve.
News organizations could not authenticate the video’s timing, location, or validity.
Russia, if nothing else, is hell-bent on saving face.
Although Vladimir Putin has declared that his military is not deploying conscripts in its “special military operation” with Ukraine, Yevmenov stressed that conscript sailors aboard the Moskva — those drafted to serve – will be released from their job. Under the protocol, compulsory service people will be discharged from May to July and depart to be recorded on the military register.
The Moskva sunk on Thursday after Ukraine allegedly fired missiles at it in the Black Sea. Ukraine says it was the launch site for rockets fired into Ukraine’s southern towns.
Although there were 510 people on board, Russia maintains the Moskva sunk while being hauled after a fire broke out when the ship’s weapons went ablaze.
According to Ukraine’s government in Kyiv, the cruiser Moskva’s entire crew died, but Russia claims they were evacuated and transferred to the Sevastopol port.

Reports that a Turkish ship rescued more than 50 Russian sailors from the vessel cast doubt on the assertion that the entire crew perished.
Someone who “resembled 1st rank Captain Anton Kuprin, commander of the Moskva” was also seen in the footage.
According to the media’s assessment of the film, the survivors were grouped to give the impression of a considerable number of survivors. In addition, no mention of casualties was made throughout the discussion.
The city of Sevastopol held a vigil on Friday, offering prayers for lost sailors.