De Blasio’s Police Commissioner Spoke At CCP-Linked Group

( The National Pulse reported last week that the man who once served as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York City Police Commissioner had repeatedly spoke at the America China Public Affairs Institute (ACPAI) which is closely tied to influence groups linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

The ACPAI claims to support “a Security Partnership” between the US and the People’s Republic of China in the areas of law enforcement, “military consultation,” and “pandemic disease control.” It also advocates for a “Mutual Visa Waiver Program,” as well as free trade agreements, between the US and China.

James O’Neill, de Blasio’s Police Commissioner from 2016 to 2019, made three separate appearances at the ACPAI’s “Police Commissioner Luncheon.”

Despite O’Neill’s connection to a group linked to Beijing, de Blasio appointed him to serve as a COVID-19 Senior Advisor in April 2020.

In that capacity, O’Neill was charged with overseeing the supply and distribution of PPE and medical equipment throughout hospitals in New York City. It was O’Neill’s job to “create, operationalize and manage a supply inspection regime” at the hospitals that would ensure resupply and also verify that hospitals were getting the equipment “to frontline healthcare workers.”

According to the National Pulse, numerous ACPAI officials have ties to Beijing and are actively involved in influence operations to neutralize opposition to the CCP as well as influence foreign governments to take a more favorable stance toward the regime.

Most foreign-based think tanks in the US participate in these kinds of influence operations on behalf of their countries. This isn’t a China-only phenomenon.

The kingdom of Qatar is notorious for its influence operations. Despite being a tiny little kingdom, Qatar wields enormous influence in Washington. The famous Brookings Institute is bankrolled in large part by the oil-rich nation.

Qatar’s influence operation is far more nefarious than China’s in many ways. Lawmakers don’t take paid trips to Beijing, but they don’t hesitate to accept all-expenses-paid junket to Qatar – including Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell. This, despite the fact that Qatar is the single biggest backer of the Muslim Brotherhood and is closely allied with Iran.

Several years ago, filmmaker Mike Cernovich produced the documentary “Blood Money: How Qatar Bought off the Entire D.C. Establishment” that is eye-opening to say the least.