“Dark Money” Is Pouring Into A Key Fight By Republicans

(JustPatriots.com)- Two Congressional Democrats submitted an amicus brief to the Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper, the North Carolina case that involves the independent state legislature theory in elections and redistricting.

In their amicus brief arguing against the theory, Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson highlight the fact that many of the conservative groups that filed briefs in favor of the Republican legislature have received donations from so-called “dark money” groups whom they claim support so-called “voter suppression efforts.”

In their brief, they highlight the “connections” between some of the petitioners who submitted amici with “groups or individuals” who allegedly “played a role” in using the independent state legislature theory after the 2020 election. Other dark money groups, they claim, “are presently engaged in voter suppression or election subversion efforts.”

Keep in mind, the Democrats view things like voter ID laws as “voter suppression” and “voter subversion.” This isn’t so much an amicus brief as it is a political screed.

Whitehouse has been on a mission to stop “dark money” groups for years. Not all dark money groups, mind you. Whitehouse has no problem with far-Left dark money groups.

His primary target is conservative groups that, like their liberal counterparts, donate money to organizations that get involved in Supreme Court battles.

Whitehouse and Congressman Johnson have also introduced legislation to require amicus filers to disclose those who donate at least $100,000, or over 3 percent of their gross revenues.

Whitehouse said in a recent interview that his proposed bill is part of his effort to force the Supreme Court to change its reporting rules for amicus filers who may receive so-called “dark money.” Whitehouse also complained that the Court has “shown no interest” in bending to his demands.

In a recent article, the liberal UK Guardian published a list of all the conservative organizations that have filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiff in Moore v. Harper and cited some of the so-called “dark money” groups that have donated to these organizations in recent years.