Dan Bongino Says America’s Enemies Are Privately Mocking Joe Biden

(JustPatriots.com)- On Saturday, Fox News personality Dan Bongino ripped President Joe Biden, dubbing him the “Beggar in Chief” and charging that he often displayed weakness.

On “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino” on Saturday night, the former Secret Service agent claimed that Biden’s approach to any problem, whether it be the U.S.-Mexico border, gas prices, inflation, or Ukraine, was to first blame others for its occurrence before pleading with them to help mend things.

Bongino said that he wishes this speech wasn’t required. He loves his country, and for that reason alone, he wants even people he disagrees with politically to do what is best for the United States.

“I’m a citizen, and I like both this nation and this location. Every day, I make the oath to the flag since my children will be raised here”.

For the sake of my nation and his kids, he wishes American leadership under Joe Biden was not such a total disgrace. He said it’s clear today that Biden has transformed into the beggar-in-chief during his first 18 months in office.

He never stops pleading. “Have you seen that?” he asked.

He said he is always pleading with others for help. He’s not a leader at all. On the domestic and international stages alike, he is demonstrating just how weak he is, and tragically, he is also making all of us, America, appear more vulnerable.

He continued by giving other instances, including how Biden responded to Iran’s misbehavior by seeking to accommodate the country’s demands in a revised nuclear agreement and how his administration addressed the migrant situation at the southern border. He also mentioned that Biden had recently returned from Saudi Arabia, where it is said that he had urged the country to increase oil production to lower gas costs.

Then, he asserted that Republican leaders in the past, including Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump, have demonstrated power in the global arena.

“People are watching, and I don’t mean like Robert DeNiro in ‘Meet the Fockers,’ I mean, like enemies of the United States are watching this,” he concluded.