Cuomo PRAISES Trump: “He Has Really Responded to New York’s Needs”

(PatrioticPost.Com)- New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo showed Nancy Pelosi how it’s done on Saturday when he told the press that President Donald Trump is responding and doing what he can to help his state. It comes at a time when New York is still struggling with thousands of coronavirus patients, and many Democrats still choosing to politicize the pandemic.

During his daily press briefing, Governor Cuomo stressed how important it is to keep politics out of the ongoing crisis.

“The best thing we have done to date is we have kept politics out of the discussion,” he told the press. “Even though this is a hyper-partisan time; even though we’re in the middle of a presidential election; even though it’s one of the ugliest political periods I can recall, we have kept politics out of this crisis, and I’ve worked very hard to do that.”

If there’s one thing a pandemic will do, it’s unite people who may have otherwise been campaigning against one another. It’s no wonder Democrats are increasingly calling on Cuomo to enter the presidential race, last minute, and replace Sleepy Joe Biden!

Cuomo wasn’t shy about his support for the work being done by the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the president, either.

“I’ve worked very hard with the President of the United States,” he said. “We’ve had our political differences in the past, no doubt. There’s also no doubt that I’ve worked hand-in-glove with the president here, and he has been responsive to New York and responsive to New York’s needs, and he’s done it quickly, and he’s done it efficiently.”

Cuomo explained how he has conversations with the president in the morning, “where he turned around a decision by that afternoon.”

Those quick turnaround times have been so important in the fight against the Chinese virus which is spreading rapidly across the United States. Cuomo said that his experience in federal government is what makes him admire the swift action being taken by the president.

“So, keep politics out of it,” he added. “Focus on government, and focus on policy, and keep politics out of it.”

Ya hear that, Nancy Pelosi?