Cruz Says Biden And Harris Engaged In Cover Up

( Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz said this week that the Biden administration is trying to cover up the growing crisis at the southern border by refusing to commit to even see it for themselves. It comes after Vice President Kamala Harris lied and claimed that she had already visited the border during an interview with Lester Holt on NBC.

She was called out on that, amazingly.

On Tuesday, Senator Cruz told “Fox and Friends” that the Biden administration knows that if they send any official to the border, particularly Vice President Karris, then reporters and TV cameras will follow them there.

He said that their strategy is simple: they are trying to “cover this up.” He also said that none of the corrupt corporate media is even acknowledging that the problem exists.

This week we learned that the number of illegal aliens apprehended by border agents at the border in May increased to 180,000, up from the 178,000 figure we saw in April.

It’s the biggest crisis at the border in modern history, and something that Kamala Harris thinks she can fix by engaging in discussions with Guatemala rather than telling the president to stop encouraging aliens to come.

Cruz told Fox that the southern border is effectively open and that anybody who wants to do harm can simply come on in. He also said it was “curious” that Kamala Harris used a speech in Guatemala this week to claim that the United States will continue to enforce its immigration laws when that’s not what’s happening.

“They are letting people go,” Senator Cruz said, referencing the huge number of aliens who have been released without being set court dates.

Not only did President Joe Biden terminate the Remain in Mexico policy, but the promise of an eight-year path to citizenship has prompted a new wave of illegal aliens to attempt the illegal crossing safe in the knowledge that one day they may become United States citizens…without going through the legal immigration procedures first.