Couple Charged After Stealing $17k From Target

A couple in Orange County, California, is in legal hot water after they were accused of stealing $17,000 worth of goods from two Target stores.

The thefts were caught on camera, and the police have published the tape.

Two suspects, Analu Gonzalez, 25, and Alexis De Jesus Garcia, 22, have been identified by the Irvine Police Department in connection with thefts from the Costa Mesa Target on March 3 and another Target location on April 2.

They can be seen on video in the Costa Mesa supermarket with a shopping cart to the section that sells the expensive infant formula. A little toddler occupies the cart’s seat. They start randomly cramming objects into a huge tote bag.

A Target worker is seen on film trying to intercede, but the pair walks out of the shop seemingly unfazed.

Yesterday, Detectives tracked them down to a hotel in Buena Park, where they racked up $17,000 in stolen items, according to a police statement.

The pair decided to give the Target store in Irvine another go. The duo used a similar tactic during the Irvine heist by casually wheeling a trolley to the infant formula aisle. They then started filling their cart with random items they found on the shelf.

The duo allegedly stole goods worth about $3,000 from Irvine.

Grand theft and retail theft were the charges against Gonzalez and Garcia that led to their detention on Thursday.

The two were accused of stealing goods valued at around $3,000 from the Irvine store. On Thursday, both were taken into custody on grand theft and retail theft organizations charges.

Theft seems to be on the rise throughout the country. In a recent flash mob robbery at a Los Angeles mall, over 30 individuals made off with merchandise worth over $300,000.