Country Rejects Ukraine’s Offer To Join Fight

( Moldova has turned down Ukraine’s invitation to invade Transnistria, a tiny pro-Russian self-proclaimed republic that is still formally part of Moldova but not recognized by the rest of the world. Moldova’s government has stated that they will reunite their country through political diplomacy rather than force and foreign militaries. Ukraine’s pro-war proposition has been labeled as ‘aggressive’ by Russia.

Transnistria, a post-Soviet “frozen conflict zone” sandwiched between Moldova’s stretch of the Dniester River and its border with Ukraine, has sought independence from Moldova since the demise of the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union fell apart in the 1990s, the area fought a separatist war against the Moldovan government.

While Russia does not recognize Transnistria as an independent country, it is Transnistria’s most potent unofficial supporter. An estimated 30% of the population of Transnistria is ethnically Russian, with many of them retaining their Russian citizenship. Russia also has peacekeepers stationed in the region. Transnistria is only officially recognized by three other former Soviet republics, but its international strategic importance has grown since the Russian-Ukrainian war erupted.

According to reports, prominent advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky allegedly suggested this week that Ukraine should expand its war by having Moldova ask for assistance in acquiring Transnistria. Russia has warned Ukraine against it. Moldova has outright rejected Ukraine’s plan, saying their issues in Transnistria should be resolved peacefully and politically.
Several alleged strikes on the breakaway area have coincided with Ukraine’s offer to invade Transnistria, which the Russian government has branded as acts of terror and blamed Ukrainians for wanting to lure it into continuous conflict.
Moldova’s President Maia Sandu stated in April that for Moldova to feel safe, it has to spend more on its military forces, even if it is a neutral nation. She stressed that her country needs a functioning and modern army capable of reacting to the day’s issues.
News reports claim thousands of Ukrainian refugees have fled their homes into Moldova. Ukrainians moving to Moldova are being offered jobs in various industries, including teaching, construction, the country’s developing information technology sector, and the service industry. The refugees are also offered bank accounts, health services, and school enrollment.