Counterfeit Ring Busted By Law Enforcement

( Now that more and more cities and businesses are requiring proof of COVID vaccination, it was inevitable that a lucrative black market trade in counterfeit vaccine cards would spring up. And it has.

Last week US Customs and Border Protection officials seized more than three thousand counterfeit COVID vaccine cards in Anchorage Alaska. And the counterfeit cards originated from the same country that unleashed the COVID pandemic on the world.

According to Customs and Border Protection, these Chinese counterfeit cards, though identical to the CDC cards used when a person receives the shots, were of “low quality printing.”

This isn’t even the first large shipment of fake vaccination cards seized by Customs and Border Protection. In early August, CBP seized 3,017 counterfeit cards in Memphis. Then two weeks ago officials in Memphis flagged another shipment of 51 blank Chinese-made counterfeit cards on their way to New Orleans.

This smaller batch, however, weren’t so well produced. According to CBP, there were typos and unfinished words, plus the Spanish translation on the back of the card was full of misspellings.

But the Alaska bust is the single largest single shipment seized thus far.

Though the odds that even larger shipments will be coming along are probably pretty good now that Pfizer has received formal FDA approval and more businesses, schools, corporations and governments are mandating proof of vaccination.

Offers for phony vaccine cards have been cropping up on the Internet ever since the vaccines first became available. Listings for fraudulent cards with the CDC logo began appearing on major online platforms like Twitter, Shopify and Ebay. This prompted 45 state attorneys general to contact these companies’ CEOs asking them to bar the sale of counterfeit cards on their platforms.

Last week a licensed pharmacist in Chicago, Tangtang Zhao, was arrested for selling phony vaccination cards on Ebay to eleven people. He is also charged with selling genuine COVID vaccine cards to unvaccinated people for ten bucks a pop.

Customs and Border Protection is urging Americans not to purchase fraudulent cards, warning that to do so would result in a fine and possibly five years in prison.