Cori Bush’s Car Reportedly Shot At

( Rep. Cori Bush (D, Missouri) has bad luck with cars.

The divisive congresswoman, a proud member of “The Squad,” has spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal protection while steadfastly supporting “defunding the cops.”

An investigation by Twitter user @JusticeDemWatch shows that she is not taking sufficient precautions to safeguard her car’s security. Her automobile has, according to Bush, been targeted at least five times since 2014. The first incident was when Bush claimed a gunshot was fired through the trunk of her car during a demonstration in Ferguson, Missouri.

The congresswoman responded to what she described as a problematic encounter with a black car in June 2019 with a series of odd tweets.

Bush, who was running for Congress then, wrote that the black automobile with tinted windows sent to crash into me the other day was an unsuccessful attempt to stop me. So please tell your employer and your friends that each time I just become more fired up.

I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU & I’M NOT GOING TO STOP! was the congresswoman’s message to the “cowards” who tried to capture her.

Bush then said she wasn’t suicidal and urged her supporters to demand a probe if anything happened to her.

“If I choke, fall down stairs, die in my sleep, car accident, ‘accidental’ shooting, suicide etc. INVESTIGATE,” she said. “I don’t need sympathy, I need people to know this stuff is real and it has never stopped. Not a conspiracy theory.”

In June 2020, there was, purportedly, a second shooting outside Bush’s automobile. She tweeted that the gunshots missed my automobile. But she’s safe. The tweet featured pictures of a white Hyundai SUV with a flat tire and a broken door handle.

She wrote, “On one side of the car, a bullet went through my door handle, and on the other, a round went through my tire.” I’m committed to taking us from merely “surviving” St. Louis to actually “living it.”

Bush’s SUV is said to have been broken into and trashed two months later. The bullhorn she frequently used during anti-police marches was the only thing missing. According to Bush’s version of the event, published in The Washington Post, it was the type of not-so-subtle message of intimidation that the activist turned congresswoman-elect had grown used to during six years of being a key Black Lives Matter organizer.

Bush’s automobile was fired at once more in St. Louis in January 2022. CNN was informed by her spokeswoman that the lawmaker was not in the vehicle at the time and that there was no proof that she was the target. In a tweet thanking fans for their concern, Bush stated, “Any act of gun violence shocks your spirit.” That is why our movement strives to protect everyone, abolish the causes of gun violence, and invest in our communities.

It is unclear how she claimed aims could be accomplished by cutting off funds to the police.