Connecticut House Deliberately Set on Fire Due to Hazard

Because there were too many fireworks in the garage of a home in Shelton, Connecticut, local firemen deliberately lit the house on fire.

According to a Facebook post by the Shelton Fire Department (SFD), they were the first to arrive at the residence on June 22 after seeing smoke coming from the front. Before emergency personnel could reach them, the residents were able to flee safely.

According to local news reports, when firemen arrived, the fire was still spreading, and fireworks were going off. During the subsequent investigation after the fire was extinguished, authorities from Shelton discovered many cartons of fireworks in the residence’s basement and garage. 

Officials had to reburn the materials within the home to further minimize the fireworks for safety reasons, according to the SPD, who said that this decision was made based on the circumstances of the property.

The controlled burn was managed by the Shelton Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) and the Shelton Police Department (SPD), as per a news statement from the SPD. A CodeRED notice had been issued to residents in the area to inform them of the activity.

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CodeRED was created more than 25 years ago to assist American agencies and organizations in the reliable and rapid delivery of emergency notifications, with the goal of saving lives. More than 20 states rely on CodeRED. 

According to reports, the event is being investigated by the Police Detective Bureau (PDB) in Connecticut, as well as the Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit of the Connecticut State Police.  The police have said that an arrest is anticipated as a result of the inquiry.