Conjoined Twins SLAM Wedding TROLLS!

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Abby and Brittany Hensel, the stars of the TLC Reality show Abby & Brittany, hit back at online haters with a new message after they recently released more video footage taken at Abby’s recent wedding when the 34 year-old schoolteacher and former reality TV star got hitched to Josh Browling, a US Army veteran. The ceremony was originally held in private in 2021, and the matter remained private for a couple years. The family only recently began sharing pictures and videos from the big event, releasing them through social media accounts that the twins administer.

One of the new photos shows the twins adorned in a white sleeveless dress, with both girls beaming widely at the camera. Another shot shows the family dancing, both twins wearing the same half-up-do hair style secured by matching jeweled clips. Josh is seen in the photos wearing a gray suit, often gazing adoringly into Abby’s eyes with his arm around the twins’ waist. These and other photos were posted with the caption: “Forever.”

Among the most recent round of releases is a video of the wedding dance, accompanied by a photographic montage of the entire day’s festivities which includes a note that seems to be directed at critics:

“We know,” the note said, “you think you know us.”

The video was backed by Collide, a 2014 song from Justine Skye, which has lyrics reflecting that message.

The photographic montage was posted to the twins’ TikTok account, and conveys a sense of joy from the twins, Abby’s groom Josh, and his daughter Isabella, who was only eight at the time of the wedding.

This release comes after online trolling accounts deluged the twins with negative messages after the news of the marriage leaked to the public in March of 2024, when records of the marriage were shown to the outlet Predictable loaded questions like “So how does it work?” and innuendo-laden derisive comments were par for the course, but thankfully were also accompanied by many messages of support and congratulations.