Congresswoman Reportedly Listed As Member Of World Economic Forum

( An outdated profile of Republican House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik appears on the website of the World Economic Forum.

It is unclear why Stefanik’s name and bio are on the WEF’s website. She is listed under the category “People,” but no further detail on her association with the group is included. She isn’t listed as one of the WEF’s partners nor does it appear that Stefanik is a member.

But her profile appearing on the website has caught the attention of the National File, which is accusing Stefanik of being “linked” to the globalist World Economic Forum and having “deep ties to the GOP establishment.”

The bio on the WEF website describes Stefanik as the youngest woman elected to the House. Since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez coopted that title in 2018, The National File concedes that Stefanik’s bio “does not appear” to be up-to-date.

But because Stefanik worked as Paul Ryan’s debate prep director in 2012 and served in the George W. Bush administration after graduating from Harvard, The National File concludes that she’s a bad Republican.

Maybe all of that is true.

So what should voters in NY-21 do? Vote for the far-Left Democrat running against her?

Stefanik may not be a perfect Republican. But the alternative in November is far worse.

Sometimes ya gotta dance with the one that brung ya.

Friendly fire less than two months before the November election is counterproductive.