Congresswoman May Be Compromised By Influence Of Far-Right Figure

( Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene may be compromised by the influence of far-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos, according to Laura Loomer, a conservative activist and two-time GOP congressional candidate, National File reported.

Loomer claims that Yiannopoulos is “openly attacking and sabotaging” Trump while managing Kanye West’s campaign. The infamous dinner between Trump, white nationalist Nick Fuentes, and Kanye West, which had successfully attracted the attention of the legacy media, was a ploy by Yiannopoulos, according to a sit down with Tim Pool. West also admitted that Trump had no idea who Fuentes was.

But that was not the point of the dinner, according to Loomer. The dinner was to associate Trump with the far right, which she says was an attempt by Yiannopoulos to discredit the former president ahead of his 2024 presidential bid.

Loomer also says that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is under the influence of the far-right grifter, who previously worked as her intern.

“Marjorie Traitor Greene is lying about her relationship with Milo,” Loomer wrote in a Telegram post. “He said that he stopped working with her as an intern this summer. That’s a lie, and I have proof for any reporter who wants to see it.”

While Greene has publicly denounced Fuentes for his “racism” and “antisemitism,” she has reportedly been under pressure to denounce Yiannopoulos, which she has not yet done.

The Georgia congresswoman is also eliciting doubt from conservatives after her public support of Rep. Kevin McCarthy for the House Speaker position in January 2023. Greene is allegedly saying that by not voting for McCarthy, a Democrat will be nominated speaker, but conservatives like Rep. Andy Biggs have pushed back against that idea, calling it “fear-mongering by the Establishment.”

Loomer claims that Greene sold out to McCarthy and is no longer an ally of the America First movement. She says that McCarthy is actively working against America First conservatives, citing corrupt FTX money used to campaign against them.