Congressman Pushes Big Tech To Answer For Their Continuing Of Banning Parler

( Two Republican members of Congress have demanded the Google, Apple, and Amazon provide answers for their decision to deny service to Parler, the alternative social media app that values freedom of speech and posed a threat to the dominance of Facebook and Twitter.

Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado and Senator Mike Lee of Utah published an open letter on Wednesday, insisting that the companies answer for decisions that appeared to “lack procedural fairness” and create the “appearance of a close coordination.”

Their letter referenced the decisions made by Apple and Google to remove Parler from their mobile app stores following the violence on Capitol Hill on January 6, and then the later removal of Parler’s access to the Amazon Web Services server that took the website down completely. The three-pronged attack meant that users could no longer access Parler on their mobile devices or even on a browser on their computers.

“In just 3 days, Apple and Google cut off Parler’s primary distribution channel, and Amazon cut off Parler’s access to computing services, leaving the company completely unable to serve its 15 million users,” Rep. Ken Buck said.

“Did they communicate on this decision?” he asked.

Sadly, whatever answer they provide, it’s unlikely to be an admission of guilt.

There is, however, some significance to the congressmen demanding answers. Lee and Buck are both sitting members of the House and Senate Antitrust Committees, and have insisted that the companies provide more information about how they made the decision to withdraw access to Parler by April 15.

Let’s wait and see how that pans out. Are you expecting much?