Congressman Makes Crude Comment On Live TV, Gets Told To Cool It

( Republican Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky let a crude comment slip on live television during an interview with Fox News’ Kennedy, according to Mediaite. After the eponymous host noted some comments by the former secretary of state and now first presidential envoy for climate—otherwise known as the Climate Czar.

Kerry reportedly praised the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, the $740 billion spending package which focuses on tax, health care and climate programs, saying “I’m not sure how much it has to do with inflation, but that’s okay,” also calling the bill “amazing” for its expensive green initiatives.

“Let’s get sassy with Massie,” Kennedy said. “I know John Kerry is one of your favorite targets. Are you–”

“He called me an asshole more than once,” Massie interrupted, which cause Kennedy to laugh. The crew behind the camera could also be heard laughing.

“We’re on the air, congressman,” Kennedy said lightheartedly. “Did no one tell you?”

The congressman apologized and said that Kerry is a “political scientist. That’s his degree—political science…and he’s supposed to be Biden’s climate expert. But he did one thing over there which you’re not supposed to do. He committed the ultimate crime in politics. He committed candor. In other words, he let the truth slip out. This doesn’t have anything to do with reducing inflation. In fact, if you wanna know what a bill is gonna do in Congress, look at its name, and think about the opposite.”

Kerry did actually call Massie an asshole on Twitter in 2020 when quote tweeting then-President Trump before he was banned from social media. Kerry said that he agreed with Trump, who is also not reportedly fond of Massie, despite endorsing him for his 2022 primary, which he won.

Trump tweeted in response, “Never knew John Kerry had such a good sense of humor! Very impressed!”