Congressman Calls U.S. Constitution An “Accident Waiting To Happen”



The Electoral College was referred to as “an accident waiting to happen” by Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on Friday in response to criticism of the constitutionally mandated method of electing presidents.

Before joining Congress, Raskin taught constitutional law. He claimed that the system as a whole was “weak” and that the Electoral College had given an opening for “strategic ill faith players” like former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, while interviewing Raskin, noted, “before becoming a member of the US Congress, you taught constitutional law.” “I wanted to hear you talk about these many components of an inquiry or making the case here. The January 6th Committee, of which Raskin is a member, does not have the authority to bring charges against former President Trump,” he asked.

Hayes continued, “Given that it is a legislative committee, your committee should not have the authority to bring criminal charges against anyone. There is a difference between what I would refer to as Donald Trump’s ‘big crime,’ which was a frontal assault on the foundation of American democracy, and any legal infractions he may have committed. I’m curious what you think about the two lanes because sometimes it can feel slightly out of place.”

Raskin responded by saying it is obvious that they’re going to require some legislative adjustments to the criminal law now that there’s a chance that presidents will rush to seize the Presidency. However, there are federal laws in place that will serve the purpose. There is a seditious plot that they have. They have plotted to obstruct a federal investigation, which, he thinks everyone can agree, happened.

“Stop the steal,’ was the chant’s overall theme after all,” Raskin said.

Raskin continued by asserting that the melee that occurred on Capitol Hill was preplanned.

Raskin said they think they’ll have to look at some new federal law modifications. And they need to consider how Donald Trump and other individuals that operate in ill faith strategically can use the political system. He said we will have to deal with the Electoral College, an “accident waiting to happen.”

This tweet summed it up:

Former Constitutional law professor and sitting congressman has a problem with the constitutional manner in which presidents are elected: “The Electoral College is *an accident waiting to happen* and we have to deal with that at some point in American history.” — Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) September 11, 2022