Congressman Accused Of Hateful Hand Gesture

( Rep. Ritchie Torres of New York came on MSNBC’s American Voices on Saturday to discuss the four day process of electing Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House with guest host and former Obama administration HUD Secretary Julián Castro.

Castro asked Torres about freshman Rep. George Santos, the Republican Congressman whose falsehoods about his past and résumé were uncovered only after he was elected in the midterms of 2022.

That’s not true. According to a report, Santos’ opponent tried to warn the DNC about it, but he was ignored. Everyone knew—even the RNC.

According to a report, during one of the 15 voting sessions conducted by the House last week, Santos raised his hand and made the “ok” sign with his other hand while casting his vote. Images of the combined gesture went viral online, first on social media and then in blogs and news articles, with many referring to it as a “White power symbol.”

This is pathetic. The OK symbol as a ‘white power’ gesture was a funny meme invented by 4Chan years ago to troll the far-left media who were insisting everyone and everything was racist.  And even now, media and leftist politicians, but I repeat myself, keep doubling down on their stupidity.  Santos may have been trolling the press.

On MSNBC, Castro questioned Rep. Torres about the incident, highlighting the congressman’s special interest in Santos and stating that Santos may have flashed a White power symbol while voting yesterday.

Torres replied that George Santos is not only Latino and Black, but he’s also White now. He’s just an utter embarrassment. He has no business serving in Congress. It is detrimental to the institution to have him sworn in and seated. Therefore, he has asked him to resign.

Torres then blamed Donald Trump’s alleged “racism” for the problems within Congress. The usual nonsense.

Keep in mind Julián Castro and his twin brother Joaquín are considered “legacies” in the La Raza organization’s racist mission.  But do you think Torres would bring that up? No. Of course not.