Congress Pushes $4.5 BILLION Aid for Ukraine, European Defense As Politicians Saber-Rattle over Russia.

( As the American people are forced to pay the highest-ever prices for gas, food, and household goods, the Biden administration is looking halfway across the world and preparing to spend a massive $4.5 billion on supporting Ukraine and European defense efforts as Russian troops continue to amass on the Ukrainian border.

Instead of focusing on reducing prices for American families, solving the southern border crisis, and focusing on making positive reforms at home, the United States Congress has reportedly proposed sending some $300 million to the Ukrainian military as part of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. And Joe Biden is fine with it.

An additional $4 billion will then be sent to the European Defense Initiative, along with a further $150 million for Baltic Security. Unsurprisingly, Ukraine has accepted the idea, with Russian aggression reaching an all-time high.

And while many would likely sympathize with Ukraine, there are also questions to be answered about whether or not such huge sums of money should be spent on foreign projects when Americans are suffering at home.

The United States Congress says in proposed legislation that Ukraine must be sure to receive “lethal assistance” from the United States, which may include anti-aircraft weapons, ships and maritime vessels, and anti-armor weapons.

So not only are we spending billions abroad, but the federal government is preparing to send weapons and potentially start a new war…with Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said repeatedly that his nation does not want to see a new war with Russia, but would strike back if Russia were to initiate one.

If the bill passes, the Biden administration will have to answer to the American people about their refusal to provide the Department of Homeland Security with the funding it needs to protect the southern border and stop the influx of millions of illegal aliens into the United States.

How can he answer that?