Communist Activist Linked To Crimes Against Children

( A self-avowed communist and leader of an Antifa group, Lucas Alan Dietsche, was charged and incarcerated in connection with a child sex crime. In 2006, Dietsche was required to register as a sex offender for the “Use of a Computer to Facilitate a Child Sex Crime,” according to The Post Millennial. His registration officially ends in 2030.

The 40-year-old offender also charged with attempted child enticement for sexual conduct and 2nd degree sexual assault of a child; however, those two charges were dropped.

Journalist Andy Ngo revealed that Dietsche served two years in prison related to his pedophilia and is the leader of the antifa group, “John Brown Brigade of Mankato.” The group defines itself as a political organization of “people against hetero-imperialism, trans/homophobia, racism, sexism, classism, in Southern, MN.”

Dietsche is listed as a National Director of Transformative Justice at Save The Kids (STK), a grassroots organization that is “dedicated to alternatives to and the end of the incarceration of youth and the school to prison pipeline.” He is listed on the site as being a graduate with a master’s degree in criminal justice from University of Wisconsin. It also explicitly states that “He helps send radical propaganda, books, and birthday cards as organizer of Save the Kids Letters to Prisoners Project.”

On his LinkedIn, Dietsche lists himself as a “formerly incarcerated person,” probably as a badge of credibility for his criminal justice studies. He is also an Adjunct Professor and and editor at Transformative Justice Journal.

Recently, Dietsche’s antifa group reportedly advertised a “children’s story hour in honor of Juneteenth,” with the intention of empowering black and brown communities.

Antifa is a radical left-wing militant group that claims it is against fascism. They are known to terrorize government buildings, deface statues, and physically attack conservatives and others that they deem fascists. They are a decentralized mass of many cells throughout the country, with one notable faction being Rose City Antifa (RCA). Those involved describe themselves as anarcho-communists, socialists, anarchists, or other revolutionary types whose goal is to dismantle the West and “tear down the system.”