Commercial Plane Catches Fire With Passengers On Board

( According to a report by NPR, even though the brakes of a Spirit Airlines flight caught fire after landing at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Sunday, no passengers or crew members were hurt in the incident, and the incident did not disrupt any other flights or airport operations.

After the brakes on the plane overheated and caught fire, many of the passengers on board the flight became concerned about the situation outside as firefighters attempted to extinguish the flames pouring from the jet’s belly.

Passengers were seen in videos posted to Twitter from within the plane getting out of their seats to gaze out the windows despite the crew’s repeated requests to remain seated.

Although it’s easy for them to say and they would undoubtedly know better, you can perfectly see why the people wanted to scram.

“Always follow crew directions,” they urge during such safety demos. Meanwhile, most of us are frantically sending last-minute texts rather than paying attention.

The crew urged over the intercom that if the pilot instructs to evacuate, everyone will leave, but “for the time being,” please remain seated and keep the aisle ways open.

“Please keep the aisle ways clear. Please simply leave your bags here if we have to flee. We will let you know. We ask that you remain seated.”

According to NPR, once the fire was put out, the plane was safely pulled to a gate where the passengers could depart without incident.

A spokeswoman for Spirit informed Business Insider that the aircraft, which arrived from Tampa, Florida, will be temporarily relocated to receive maintenance.

According to information provided to Fox 5 by passenger Scottie Nelms, who witnessed the chaos on board, the following occurred:

“After we had already touched down, there was a peculiar sound coming from the left side of the aircraft. When we finally came to a complete halt in the middle of the landing strip, nobody had any idea what had happened. When we observed a flame emerging from the engine, both the other passengers and I immediately began to stress out.”

According to the airline, the smoke was a result of overheated brakes.