College Students Fret Over Abortion Access With Roe Overturn

( College students are still fretting over the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Abortion access is affecting many “Gen Z” students’ decision to attend or remain in college survey data shows, according to Fox News.

A survey conducted in July by BestColleges reports that 39% of students planning to enroll in an undergraduate program say that the court’s ruling has affected their decision. 37% of students say that if the ruling was made earlier they would have chosen to attend a different institution.

Other students are taking the Supreme Court’s decision to heart, saying that they want to leave the country entirely.

“I want to leave the country [after graduating],” University of South Dakota junior Lexi McKee-Hemenway said, adding that the United States is a scary place to live in now. She said that she is feeling “rage, fear, disappointed” at the lack of abortion care.

South Dakota is one of the states with the most restrictive abortion laws and has been in numerous legal disputes with Planned Parenthood. The agency alleges that the state is doing everything it can to prevent “safe and legal abortions.”

43% of undergraduate students, many of whom identified as people of color, claimed that they may be unwilling to stay in their current state where their college is located after the ruling. The data also showed that 59% of all correspondents were opposed to Roe v. Wade’s reversal.

The data made a glaring contrast between millennials and gen z students.

Millennials who are currently undergraduates (ages 26 to 41) are more likely than Generation Z students (ages 16 to 25) “to say the Court’s decision will impact their choice to remain in the state where they currently attend college (58% vs. 37%),” the survey rundown reads.

75% of students reportedly believe that institutions should support others seeking “reproductive health care,” including abortions.