CNN’s Biggest Stars Reportedly Only Has Days Left At Network

( According to news reports, CNN’s new head, Chris Licht, is monitoring anchors to ensure their tone matches the network’s desire to become less political. Personalities like Brian Stetler and Jim Acosta may be booted out.

Brian Stelter’s days are numbered at CNN, according to the former breaking news editor for the Washington Examiner.

Jon Nicosia claims a source has said that Stelter is down to weeks if not days left at CNN. Stelter is everything that reminds the new owners of the Zucker era they desperately want to get past. Stelter is reportedly causing problems and stirring discontent within the ranks.

Unfortunately for CNN, Stelter has been more recognized for his credibility concerns than for his reporting.
According to reports, in an apparent attempt to rescue Brian Williams’ credibility, Stelter had a story favorable to Williams blow up in his face when it was determined Stelter had not properly verified his source.

The Washington Post had uncovered Stelter berating Fox News for a story that CNN had previously championed.

Reports show Stelter often embarks on anti-Fox News crusades using unreliable left-wing sources while ignoring or glossing over his CNN colleagues’ plagiarism, corruption, and apparent prejudice.

A source at CNN informed The Daily Mail that Brian Stelter should start searching for a new job. CNN’s global president, Jeff Zucker, quit in February, and insiders have been advocating for Stelter’s dismissal ever since.

Just before CNN+ was canceled, Brian Stelter insisted it was too early to tell if the service was a success or a disaster. Stelter then attempted to rationalize CNN+’s demise and chastised the “haters.”
A Conservative outlet wonders about Stelter’s future. What will become of him? MSNBC has more than enough hacks to rehash Democratic talking points, says the writer. Media Matters has an entire division dedicated to nothing but Fox News.
Perhaps Tucker Carlson would find a spot for Stelter on his program. Would Stelter mind dressing up as a clown?